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48 Concerts Attended

I've Heard 110 Songs a total of 1096 Times

One heard 44 times.
Bad heard 18 times.
Exit heard 10 times.
Kite heard 8 times.
Gone heard 6 times.
40 heard 4 times.
Mofo heard 4 times.
MLK heard 2 times.
Miami heard 2 times.

I've Heard 155 Snippets a total of 496 Times

Invisible heard 13 times.
40 heard 12 times.
Gloria (Van Morrison) heard 11 times.
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe heard 10 times.
Hallelujah (traditional) heard 10 times.
Women Of The World heard 10 times.
The Magnificent Seven heard 9 times.
Ode To Joy heard 8 times.
Rebel Rebel heard 8 times.
This Is Not America heard 8 times.
19 heard 7 times.
Amazing Grace heard 7 times.
Love And Peace Or Else heard 7 times.
Anthem heard 6 times.
Black Dog heard 6 times.
Johnny Was heard 6 times.
Moment Of Surrender heard 6 times.
Send In The Clowns heard 6 times.
Sympathy For The Devil heard 6 times.
Vertigo heard 6 times.
Young Americans heard 6 times.
Break On Through heard 5 times.
Burning Down The House heard 5 times.
Get Up Stand Up heard 5 times.
I Can See For Miles heard 5 times.
Mother heard 5 times.
New York New York heard 5 times.
Rock 'N' Roll Nigger heard 5 times.
Zooropa heard 5 times.
Breathe heard 4 times.
Hold Me Close heard 4 times.
I Remember You heard 4 times.
Live Forever heard 4 times.
Sunday Bloody Sunday heard 4 times.
The Hall Of Mirrors heard 4 times.
Two Tribes heard 4 times.
Viva Las Vegas heard 4 times.
Words heard 4 times.
Creep heard 3 times.
Gloria (Patti Smith) heard 3 times.
God Bless America heard 3 times.
God Save The Queen heard 3 times.
I Love New York heard 3 times.
In My Life heard 3 times.
Into The Mystic heard 3 times.
Love Me Tender heard 3 times.
Love To Love You Baby heard 3 times.
Love Will Tear Us Apart heard 3 times.
Many Rivers To Cross heard 3 times.
My Way heard 3 times.
Ne Me Quitte Pas heard 3 times.
Playboy Mansion heard 3 times.
Rain heard 3 times.
Sexual Healing heard 3 times.
Starman heard 3 times.
Summer Rain heard 3 times.
What A Wonderful World heard 3 times.
Wild Horses heard 3 times.
All You Need Is Love heard 2 times.
Blackbird heard 2 times.
Can I Get A Witness heard 2 times.
Cuba heard 2 times.
Drowning Man heard 2 times.
Everybody Hurts heard 2 times.
Heroes heard 2 times.
I Love Rock 'n' Roll heard 2 times.
Life During Wartime heard 2 times.
My Mammy heard 2 times.
Never Tear Us Apart heard 2 times.
Not Fade Away heard 2 times.
Peace On Earth heard 2 times.
People Have The Power heard 2 times.
Shag Tobacco heard 2 times.
Singin' In The Rain heard 2 times.
Stand By Me heard 2 times.
Summer In The City heard 2 times.
The Jean Genie heard 2 times.
Transmission heard 2 times.
Unchained Melody heard 2 times.
Wake Up Dead Man heard 2 times.
1969 heard 1 time.
Alive heard 1 time.
America The Beautiful heard 1 time.
Black Hills Of Dakota heard 1 time.
Blaze Of Glory heard 1 time.
Born This Way heard 1 time.
C Moon heard 1 time.
California Girls heard 1 time.
Call Me heard 1 time.
Comfortably Numb heard 1 time.
Cry heard 1 time.
Deep In The Heart heard 1 time.
Devil Inside heard 1 time.
Discotheque heard 1 time.
Do You Feel Loved heard 1 time.
Elevation heard 1 time.
Exodus heard 1 time.
Fashion heard 1 time.
Good Times Bad Times heard 1 time.
Helden heard 1 time.
I Feel Love heard 1 time.
I'm On Fire heard 1 time.
Ice Ice Baby heard 1 time.
In A Little While heard 1 time.
In The Garden heard 1 time.
Into The Groove heard 1 time.
Jump Around heard 1 time.
Landlady heard 1 time.
Let It Rain heard 1 time.
Love Me Do heard 1 time.
Love Reign O'er Me heard 1 time.
MLK heard 1 time.
Miami heard 1 time.
Miserere heard 1 time.
Miss You heard 1 time.
Movin' On Up heard 1 time.
No Regrets heard 1 time.
On Broadway heard 1 time.
Philadelphia Freedom heard 1 time.
Psycho Killer heard 1 time.
Rock With You heard 1 time.
See Me, Feel Me heard 1 time.
Space Oddity heard 1 time.
Stayin' Alive heard 1 time.
Suspicious Minds heard 1 time.
The Minstrel Boy heard 1 time.
The Passenger heard 1 time.
The Promised Land heard 1 time.
Walk On The Wild Side heard 1 time.
Waltzing Matilda heard 1 time.
War heard 1 time.