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51 Concerts Attended

I've Heard 69 Songs a total of 1033 Times

One heard 44 times.
Kite heard 39 times.
Bad heard 36 times.
Gone heard 15 times.
40 heard 7 times.
MLK heard 5 times.
Wire heard 5 times.

I've Heard 108 Snippets a total of 510 Times

Hallelujah (traditional) heard 42 times.
40 heard 30 times.
New York New York heard 30 times.
Get Up Stand Up heard 23 times.
Midnight Cowboy heard 22 times.
I Love New York heard 21 times.
Amazing Grace heard 19 times.
Sexual Healing heard 17 times.
Creep heard 16 times.
Johnny Was heard 16 times.
Anthem heard 14 times.
Peace On Earth heard 13 times.
Whole Lotta Love heard 11 times.
Young Americans heard 11 times.
Rock 'N' Roll Nigger heard 10 times.
Gloria (Van Morrison) heard 8 times.
Shag Tobacco heard 8 times.
Two Tribes heard 8 times.
Black Dog heard 7 times.
Cry heard 7 times.
In My Life heard 7 times.
Wild Horses heard 7 times.
Jump Around heard 6 times.
Staring At The Sun heard 6 times.
Could You Be Loved heard 5 times.
Love To Love You Baby heard 5 times.
Ruby Tuesday heard 5 times.
Devil Inside heard 4 times.
Send In The Clowns heard 4 times.
Wake Up Dead Man heard 4 times.
Everybody Hurts heard 3 times.
Gimme Some Truth heard 3 times.
In God's Country heard 3 times.
Norwegian Wood heard 3 times.
Rock With You heard 3 times.
Sympathy For The Devil heard 3 times.
Transmission heard 3 times.
1969 heard 2 times.
All You Need Is Love heard 2 times.
Crazy Love heard 2 times.
Deep In The Heart heard 2 times.
Into The Heart heard 2 times.
Into The Mystic heard 2 times.
Miami heard 2 times.
My Kind Of Town heard 2 times.
Not Fade Away heard 2 times.
Oranges Poranges heard 2 times.
Pump It Up heard 2 times.
She's A Mystery To Me heard 2 times.
Three Little Birds heard 2 times.
Unchained Melody heard 2 times.
We Are The World heard 2 times.
A Nation Once Again heard 1 time.
Alison heard 1 time.
All I Want Is You heard 1 time.
Atomic heard 1 time.
Atomic Dog heard 1 time.
Be My Baby heard 1 time.
Birthday heard 1 time.
Break On Through heard 1 time.
Californication heard 1 time.
Cream heard 1 time.
Dance To The Music heard 1 time.
Do You Feel Loved heard 1 time.
Don't Speak heard 1 time.
Drive My Car heard 1 time.
Elevation heard 1 time.
Happy Birthday heard 1 time.
Hella Good heard 1 time.
I'm A Believer heard 1 time.
I'm On Fire heard 1 time.
I've Been Changed heard 1 time.
Isolation heard 1 time.
Janie's Got A Gun heard 1 time.
Let's Twist Again heard 1 time.
Levitate heard 1 time.
Losing My Religion heard 1 time.
Love And Affection heard 1 time.
Lust For Life heard 1 time.
Molly Malone heard 1 time.
More Than A Feeling heard 1 time.
My Mammy heard 1 time.
My Sweet Lord heard 1 time.
Never Tear Us Apart heard 1 time.
Night And Day heard 1 time.
Oliver's Army heard 1 time.
Rid Of Me heard 1 time.
She's Lost Control heard 1 time.
The Only Way Is Up heard 1 time.
The Poor Man's Family heard 1 time.
Twist And Shout heard 1 time.
Walk On The Wild Side heard 1 time.
Wooden Heart heard 1 time.
You Get What You Give heard 1 time.