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by Elizabeth

I have to say that when I got floor seats for the Baltimore show I was very excitied. By some time I had wished I would of gotten regular seating. At last I had gotten onto the floor, After being yelled at, pushed, shoved, and cut infront of I was pretty excited. All of it was worth it even after I heard the Garbage was not able to preform. On the bright side the group that filled in for them wheren't bad and they did play "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" which I think raised the heads of the people in the audience who had been disappointed by the news. U2 of course were phenominal. I cant think of anything else I would do all that for. The set was one of the best I had heard and I was extatic to hear "Out of Control". One low part of the show was the people around me. They treated me poorly because of my young age. Like I couldn't possibly be a fan and be that young. I think whatever your age you can be a fan but under one cercumstance: you have to like U2. I think if you are going to go to a U2 show and you have floor seats you should be kind to those around you, they have been waiting just like you and they have just as much right to see them whatever their age, gender, race, or creed so U2 fans be a little more considerate to others.

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