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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by U2Wanderer

After years of listening to U2, starting with the album that hooked me, UABRS, I was totally intrigued by the live performances. Thus when it was announced Popmart was landing in Edmonton while I was working there I couldn't believe my luck. The excitement levels were building as every month passed. I was hoping I wasn't building the whole experience up as I entered Commonwealth Stadium for the first show. Looking back, I didn't. A sold out stadium, in a city which U2 had never played before made for a high energy level that night. As the strains of Pop Muzik started I knew they were on their way in. Two things became apparant as I turned to watch the screen as U2 made their entrance. One, it was still daylight, making the screen difficult to view with the sun still shining in my eyes. Two, up this close, I didn't really need the screen. Thank you Propaganda. The setlist was exactly as expected. The local paper had printed a review of Winnepeg, and the setlist was identical, with the exception of Unchained Melody closing the concert after One. I didn't mind. Knowing the set helped me deal with some of the sensory overload from attending my first U2 concert. If anything the concert did seem a little "stiff", a little too rehearsed. It was widely rumored that the concert was being recorded for promotional use for the second Popmart leg, and this may have lead to it all. None of the problems that had been so widely reported in the early shows were evident. The band performed a tight set, with little problem. One thing that stands out about the show was the crowd. At first I thought it was just because I had never been in a building with 50000 people before, but even Bono commented on how loud we were. His surprise at the strength of the crowd was evident as we stole Pride away from him before he expected and made it our own. A great show. And as I left I knew I was going back for more the next night. This whole experience was only halfway finished.

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