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by mai

it was just incredible...
I'd waited for hours for this and I was so tired... But when the lights went out everything went away. Suddenly my legs were no longer numb, I did not feel all those people pushing me around, I did not mind I was thirsty or that I had slept like an hour.. It was just happening and it was freakin' awsome!!!!
When they played Vertigo and Elevation together I could not stop jumping and screaming, all that energy just burst off.. and everyone was singing every song with all their lungs..
And Bono was just too much.. Everything he did, all of it.. Is like he understands it all, like he really feels that pain, the pain that we suffered over 30 years ago... and he is able to transmit that with his music.
For me it was one of the best nights of my life... it was like a two and a half hour catharsis... And after they turned on the lights, I wished it didn't have to end. Ever.

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