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by dwaltman

This was my 2nd JT2017 show.  IMO, I liked Toronto better but I think it was mostly due to fans on the GA around us.  In Toronto, we were 20 deep off the tree-stage.  Cleveland we were right behind RZ on the far left.  This was so my significant other could see the stage better.  There was space to move but this led to a lot of foot traffic either in front of us or behind us.  Also some college boys interested in talking, texting, waving to people they knew in the stands, drinking, etc.  So distracting to have people not into the show around you all the time.  In Toronto, everyone around us was totally into the show.

I would agree with a previous review that the show was way louder than Toronto...a bit too loud.  We happen to walk by the soundcheck earlier in the day and it was incredibly loud outside the stadium.

And Bono definitely thanked the Lumineers instead of One Republic.  He never corrected himself either....although I think he might have mention Ryan Tedder at some point later in the show.

I also think MW was messed up....Bono started to come in early then stopped.  And Edge either changed the chords or messed up the chords at one point.  The bit with Beth the dancer was really cool though.  The real time images taken of her and put on the screen was cool but then when the song climaxed and the images were really short video clips .... to do all that production in real time during the song was really really fantastic.  What an awesome experience for Beth!

This was also my 25th show....somewhat an anniversary of sorts!  Number 26 coming up in Buffalo in September.

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