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by Rejoice Boston!

Wow, wow, wow. Great stuff, really. I've seen 32 shows now and this was at least top three, if not higher. The boys were just on in a big way. The crowd was into it but it really was led by Bono - the more he gets going, the more the crowd gets going, it just feeds off itself. The crowd was great Tuesday but the band just didn't click in like they did Thursday.

And the impromptu stuff was amazing. After "With or Without You" I thought they'd go toward the typical encores. Bono was at the tip of the elipse and just turned to the stage and said, "Adam, Out of Control." Adam clearly didn't hear him, so he said it a couple more times, even saying, "Adam Clayton." Funny, funny. And Edge was totally unaware. He had one guitar. Had to give it back to his guy. Then got another, it wasn't in tune. Hilarious. And I think Larry and Adam forgot the guitar solo, not Edge. He was ready, they just blew through it into the quiet part of the song. Anyway, a great Boston moment - typical given the band's history here. I can only dream of what they'll come up with for Saturday. Haven't done "An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart" here so I'll expect that. But why not another couple surprises ... "A Sort of Homecoming" I'm thinking. Certainly "Party Girl" since it's the last show of this leg. Maybe more ...

Great stuff boys. Looking forward to number 33 Saturday.


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