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by Patrick B

WOW!! Absolutely amazing show tonight!! I have been lucky enough to go
to now 29 shows over some 18 years and this one ranks #3 only behnd
post 9/11 Oct, NY show at MSG and Hartford '01 where I got into the
heart for the first time!

That said, I have to give thanks to the Fleet Center security crew. I
experienced one of the kindest acts of generosity of my life tonight!
Make a long story short....I brought my 12 yr old neice with me for her
first ever U2 show. Having GA's and showing up early doesnt mean you
get into the ellipse (formerly the heart) as veterans well know.
Obviously our goal was to get that second scan that tells us the great
news that are we are one of the lucky chosen to get inside! Well, as we climbed
the stairs the cheers of excited and grateful fans who got in were echoing
throughout the stairwell. We got closer and closer. Even struck a deal with
a couple behind us to take us in as their guests if they both were
selected ( and vice versa ).
Anyway, the anticipation continues to build, the wait is almost over,
Michela gets her ticket scanned first..NO dice! "You may proceed to the
floor" bummed but not out yet I hand my ticket over. My heart is
beating a mile a minute. This would be one of my neice's greatest
memories of her young life...one she would never forget IF we got into
the ellipse. So...nervously I hand over my ticket...seconds seem like
minutes...everything is in slow motion...even my irish catholic guilt
kicks in and I swear to the man upstairs I will NEVER miss sunday mass
again if I get in!! Finally, the moment arrives...and the screen
"Please proceed to the Floor" I'm devastated. Saddened. But hey it's a
U2 show and there's still much to be very grateful/happy about.
Then...just when I shrug my shoulders and get ready to proceed to the
back floor area a kind soul sees my neice and myself and says to me"
It's alright, you can go in." WHAT?? SAY AGAIN? Yup....that's right! I
dont know how many if any times this has happened to other people but
we were both allowed to go in even though both out tix were scanned for
just the regular floor. To that nameless man who took pity on my neice
and I I would like to just say thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!

Grateful and shocked at the same time we made our way to the ellipse
and planted ourselves dead center 3 people deep. I ended up taking what
is perhaps the best roll of film I have ever shot.

Oh and as for the show..I have a feeling this will go down as their
best show on the tour. They seemed to throw out the setlist and play
whatever Bono wanted no matter what guitar Edge was using!

Great show, Incredible night, priceless memories!! This is what its all
about. Memories like tonight just dont come along very often and for most
people never.

Enjoy the photos everyone.



ps. Kudos to the crowd tonight as they sang the 'How long" harmony from
'40' incredibly! I had been waiting since 87 to hear that harmony again
of 20k in unison and tonight I finally heard it!!! WOW :))

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