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by Traci Haddock

I would give this show a 7 out of 10 - Thursday was definitely much better. It was a little disappointing that they seemed to return to the setlist (with one or two exceptions) from Tuesday night for the main set. Bono brings two kids up on stage and tells them his name is Paul but he calls himself Bono - quite amusing. He also posed a lot more for the crowd and played a visual hand game for a few while lounging on the catwalk. While Bono seemed more apt to interact with the crowd, the energy that was there on Thursday just never built up.

However, the encore was brilliant! Who's Gonna Ride and Party Girl were just a fantastic surprise. Yahweh was well played - I had been hoping for something new since it was played Tuesday, but oh well. I didn't really like hearing Veritgo again - would have preferred anything else since we had already heard it. But it definitely left you feeling charged up at the end!

Can't wait for October and December now...

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