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by daveydave

I reviewed Thursday, and mentioned how tueday was good but not great, then Thursday was killer. Boston got 1 good show, and 2 excellent shows this week.

Tuesday - 5.0 on a U2 scale (yeah, I'm tough)
Thursday - 8.5 / 9
Saturday - 8.0 or 8.5 (great but not as good as THU)

Someone asked me how I could rate Thursday an 8.5. Hey, I have to give them some room for the perfect show :-) The one that tops 6/9/01 Boston and 10/31/01 Providence. I personally need a day or two before I give a final grade.

a.) Wild Horses - folks - it's was awesome! Sounded like they have been playing it all along. Audience singalong and much appreciated.
b.) Party Girl - Kind of figured they would pull this out.
c.) Bono pulling out two kids that were really into the show. Especially the young girl. She seemed like the coolest kid, finding her spot and immediately clapping and getting into COBL. I think she felt more comfortable up there than Dallas! She owned her spot.
d.) Getting to sit right behind stage and watching the crew work their asses off. Also, looking across a sea of amazing fans pogo'ing across the floor as if I was in the band.
e.) The Fleet Center security dude who did give me a setlist - thank you!
d.) Loved the intro to Miracle Drug last night.

a.) Idiot parents - leave your young kids at home. Let them be kids for a while. If you are bringing a kid to a concert that can't carry their own backpack, you're a f'ing idiot. On top of that - put some plugs in their ears.

b.) Vertigo part deux, come on guys! 25 years, there is no need to play something twice.

With cries for "Ultraviolet" or "One Tree" to be played on every U2 site /board, I would think they could find the ability to put this together. If you guys are reading...fans don't care if it doesn't come off perfect. That's what made Thursday a bit more special (OOC and OOTS!)

Hey, if Pearl Jam can play 3 shows in Boston and not repeat a song, what's to stop U2 (25 years of experience) from mixing 5 different songs in and out every night. This is the only area in which I question their musicianship. This is also the only craft they have never mastered live.

Sorry to go off! Those are some things that I just needed to say after 20 years of being in love with this band. I don't want my remarks to undermine what a great show it was.

I thought fan participation was extremely high last night. The entire place rocked through the entire set minus An Cat / Into the Heart. I think the tempo and additional time spent on those 2 songs doesn't work as well as The Ocean - which fits in the melodic / thankful break one needs to catch their breath. It kind of works like MLK or Wake UP Dead man in it's beauty.

Having said all this, I'm one happy person for being lucky enough to have seen them 3 more times. I'm in awe of how they are still relevant, inspiring and uplifting after 25 years in the business. I might be biased but, you can easily make the argument that they have put together a career that has surpassed the Stones, Beatles, The Who, and Zepplin. Don't miss understand me. I'm not saying they have been bigger than the Beatles influence, I'm just thinking that the Beatles never really had time to become a relevant & live touring band beyond 10 years. I think U2 has represented themselves in a more balanced way in radio and through live shows more than any band in history.

Europe - have a blast this summer guys! I hope you get some stuff we didn't get. Completely envious of the openers with "The Killers."

Thanks to everyone I met, and spent time with this week.


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