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by ryand

Im from Dallas and came across 2 GA tickets thanks to a great U2 fan who couldnt use them. I got into the Bomb Shelter !!!!!!!
It was my girlfriends first U2 show, my 10th. It was absolutly amazing to say the least.

Juts a great experience and such great excitment surrounding the show. Its a happening not a concert. Things just go off and its alomost like being in a arena sized microwave. Just an incredible buzz.

All the songs were great.

A few stand outs.
1) It had rained all week. Finally Fri and Sat were great weather. During Beautiful Day, Bono kept shouting Summer is Coming!!!! Summer!!!! It was so on the mark and the crowd shouted it back.
2) Intro to Miracle Drug and the performance was outstanding.
3) Streets is just a wonderful moment for lifelong memories.
4)ZooTV and Actung Baby were represnted well. Until the End of The World and Wild Horses, sounded soooo good. Need more of that.
5) May 24th declared U2 day in Boston, Bono brought out the declaration from the mayor. Then proceded to spray everyone with Champane.
6) Vertigo twice just fit soo perfctly. The second was better then the 1st.

I just want to say thank you U2. Thank You for all the work and effort and joy that you give out to all of us. I really appreciate U2.

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