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by Mike (bonobaltimore)

Just a real quick run down...Well, the first leg of the Vertigo Tour comes to an end and what a show it was! Like always, the crowd was in full throttle from the get-go starting with the red and purple balloons that were flying everywhere before the band went on. The boys opened with Love and Peace which, to me, doesn't quite grab the audience like City of Blinding Lights does. There's no denying it's energy though. A friend of mine said it best when she said that they sort of blow their load a little early when they open with Love and Peace because it's such a showstopper (thanks Sandy!). Anyway...onto some highlights. Electric Co. was, well, simply Electric. Bono's voice sounded strong and Clayton looked like he was livin' it up. Streets and One sounded really strong and how can I not write a review for this show and not include anything about Wild Horses and Party Girl? Simply special. All in all, I think that it might have been the pinacle of the first leg, or, at least, the best of the 6 that I've seen (although it's very very close with Philly 1). The 2nd and 3rd legs are going to be special...no doubt.

1st Leg Special Thanks: T.T. Boy, Tricia, Stick, Phil, Sandy, Ruby, Alison, Jim, Holly, Dana, Kate, Lynn, The Drunk Guy who bought a fake ticket in Boston and didn't get in :< (Collin), Sanni (my hero), Chris from Australia, David Guyer, Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam, Paul, everybody who put up with all of my picture taking, and every fan that made this experience so special. EVERYONE!

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