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by Liftmydaze

My goal is not to compare the two Montreal shows because I was in very different places. First one, I was in the inner-circle, this one, GA past the soundboard. I couldn't see the stage, but watched the "show" on the trons. This stage has got to be seen to be believed. During City, with the lights going up into the sky? Are you kidding me? You can see it from the space station. Chills. I have been a fan since the beginning, when my friend brought home an import LP from England in 8th grade and said you have got to listen to this. That said, No line is in top 3 favs, and I really missed some of the songs tonight from the frist leg. BUT, WOWOY was the best I have ever heard. Grown men were crying around me. Bono was telling us loud and clear, in so many ways, that this is it folks. Catch a show, drive to Moncton for god's sake, cuz I believe this is the end of our U2-live world. Stay safe tonight and i will see you all in Phili.

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