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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Timbo

Wow - what a show. Actually it was more like an assault on the senses. I can't remember what I liked best because Bono was so strong on every number. I've seen them on POP and the Elevation tour and I've never heard him sing like that. TEC was awesome - I have not seen them play it live since the Unforgetable Fire tour and even though I've heard tapes of it from this tour, I was still completely blown away. Edge was on fire. Streets was the best I've seen or heard. They tore the roof off with that one. Miss Serejevo was amazing - Bono teased us a little with they way he intro'd it and for a split second, I'm sure a lot of people thought that Luciano Pavorotti was going to walk out. Still, Bono did a stellar peformance on the Opera bit. LAPOE was explosive. UTEOTW was...I don't know what to say about that one. Hopefully someone made a really good recording of this gig - I'll be looking for it..

My girlfriend, a fan of Tool, System of a Down and yes, Opera, told me that it was the best concert she has ever seen or heard. She's been gradually becoming a fan and now she is a true believer.

One strange thing though - On MW, I heard Bono's voice pitched upward. It was artificial for sure because I heard it dropped down again for other parts of the song. It was girl-like and so artificial sounding that I wondered if they were doing it on purpose??? HAs anyone else ever heard this? I'm sure the B-man uses the best hardware around but do you suppose he uses pitch corrction or even alteration?

Whatever - I don't really care - These are the hardest working guys in showbusiness and they worked magic tonight. Yes, the ending was rather odd but the concert was like 2 hrs and 20 mins.. I had to pee so I was outta there..

Oh yeah, and to the guy in section 211, row e, seat 4 - Thanks for sitting in my lap for the whole show, you proximity-challenged inconsiderate j%$k-off. You were the only bummer. Hope you enjoyed the show too.

Anyway - Great show.. Thanks, U2!

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