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by Warren

I'm sorry, but to play 8 total nights in New York, and to end with that show is really dissapointing. How is it possible that they played essentially the same setlist as the night before and even shortened the setlist by 2 songs? I will admit the energy from the audience was probably better then the night before, but that's even more reason to bring out even a surprise or two.

I read elsewhere that U2 expected us to sing along with Instant Karma to end the show, and that's why they came back to prod us to sing along. Well if that's what they thought, well, they are being dumb. When was the last time U2 closed a show with a cover that wasn't a snippet? Ridiculous. Close with "40" or "Bad" I think most people would want them to close with one of there own songs. That's why everyone was like "Huh, it's over?"

Worst U2 show I've ever attended based on my expectations. Monday was MUCH better.

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