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by T-Painski

Good and bad things about the show.
- U2 were great!
- Claw is an awesome sight to behold in real life.
- The sound was fantastic (the roof was open so the acoustics were great)
- Snow Patrol were ON IT. Most opening acts are their to promote themselves, themselves, themselves. Snow Patrol knew they were playing to U2 fans and capitalized on it by saying things like "we gotta warm you up for U2!" etc. Even dedicating a song to U2. Great warm up act, and a group to keep an eye on I think.

- As Bouke wrote, this wasn't really a U2 audience. I saw a TON of people getting their pictures taken with other people (same people over and over, so I'm assuming they were celebs etc), so I agree that many people were their because it was the 'in ticket' of the night (Toronto Film Fest is on this week). It really did take away from my experience (I was in the Ellipse).
- Set list, for those of us who have been following the tour, is getting stale. ('Your Blue Room' was very cool).
- They say it's 360, but if I was behind the stage (which isn't supposed to HAVE a 'behind') I'd be pretty P.O'ed. They pretty much played to the front the ENTIRE night. Not nearly as much running around the ramps as the last two tours.

Overall, great show, as usual. We were in the Ellipse to Edges right, and we got the 'band show' but really didn't see the 'production show'. If I were to do it again, I'd probably wanna see it from closer to the sound booth instead.

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