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by Eric

My 2nd U2 show ever, and it will be VERY hard to top this one. We scanned into the ellipse and took our places on the rail between Bono & Edge - our exact dream spot!

Institute was good at what they did - just not my cup of tea. They spat on stage a lot, which was unappealing. However, I guess if they have to spit, its better they keep it onstage.

The music was very loud, but all good, of course. Bono was on tonight and he didnt seem distracted. He definitely brought the house vocally. Im thankful that he stayed conscious on those notes in Sometimes and Miss Sarajevo.

Since this was only my 2nd show, I couldnt tell you if Bono was trying too hard to get the crowd involved, but I thought he was having a great time. At the start, he was often smiling and hopping around during the applause. I dont know about the arena in general, but we were as loud as humanly possible and jumped on every fast song and raised our hands on the slow ones. We were aching for a slow song after UTEOTW.

We were at the 11/13 show in Miami, and I was hoping for some older stuff this time around, but no such luck. Everything was great though. I know that some didnt like the acoustic encores, but others I talked to said it was the best part. Personally, I wouldve loved a Bad closer. Many Rivers to Cross & Ol Man River were nice additions - always good to get a little extra.

We didnt see the lackluster response, but we werent paying much attention to the crowd. It doesnt surprise me - my friend who was standing in the 300 section had someone from 12 rows up come to tell him to sit down!! When the biggest band in the world is rocking a venue of 21,000 - YOU DONT SIT DOWN. I think the ellipse couldve been livelier too.

Overall, I think the guys were on and put on a GREAT show, especially if the crowd wasnt giving much to work with.

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