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by Christopher Trimm

Well since we're already here, decided to stick around for the second night. I've never seen five bucks go so far. A tough decision this was ;) ! As before Amnesty needed volunteers so I made myself available and between answering questions I was given extra tickets that had gone unused. Very generous these U2 fans! Originally I was in the nosebleeds and moved down a level and 30 yards from the stage in the stands. The helicopters were buzzing overhead and we all waved as they filmed! Any last night is the best and U2 obviously didn't want this to end as given by their lengthend songs and including Christmas, Baby Please Come Home. This was requested at the hotel where U2 was staying (thanks to that fan!). Bono ran the entire 50 yards on the ramp during 'Helter Skelter.' We were already in mass hysteria without this...Still Haven't Found was Bono telling us that from being in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Arizona, and Memphis this was the last night. He talked about being at Graceland and finding Elvis' gospel record collection. He said that the Mothers of the Disappered were very brave to continue on and they lived with the army surrounding their house in San Salvador, he dedicated the song to them tonight. He called one of us up for People Get Ready and this man, Tom, really was good and had a band so he stayed glued to the stage quite a while. With extreme candor Bono related that U2, "has a reputation to live down to, we're a very serious band! I mean as spokespeople for a generation we've had a very hard year carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, you know. I mean it's hard work setting people free, looking after the homeless, tackling world hunger, and organizing a summit between the world powers- this is hard work! No, it's not. It's not hard work at all. It's the best job I've ever got, let me tell you. Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year." He thanks all involved and even brings guitar tech Des Broadberry out on stage to celebrate his new addition born in Dublin this day. The champange flowed freely tonight!
The busload of 60 U2 fans left on the night for our all night ride home to LA and nobody slept, the buzz kept us awake until dawn.

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