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by Johan S

Absolutely fantastic concert!!!

This was my fifth U2-concert and I have never seen anything like it! It has taken The audience were literally boiling with excitement and expectations after a long hot and humid day. It was hard to believe that the band would live up to the high expectations. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed after the 18/6-concert in Twickenham, London but now I feel like an idiot for feeling doubt, I don't think anyone in the 60,000 people crowd went home disappointed.

As the band entered the stage the stadium erupted in roar and the whole audience waved with anything in white; flags, napkins, t-shirts... An initiative from the Swedish fan club. Bono was truly surprised and just shouted "My god - what have we got here??" From that second he and the band gave 110% and delivered the best concert I've ever seen.

The songs were not very different from the rest of the tour but the strange weather delivered a spectacular show in itself. First of all there were quite low clouds but as the sun descended it coloured the whole sky in pink-orange just as they played NEW YEARS DAY! Then the show went on and only a few seconds after the band left the stage after ONE the skies opened. Instead of cooling down the atmosphere the crowd was even more triggered to give everything! The response was enormous right to the end and the band really appreciated it and rewarded us with lots of improvised stuff, great speeches and double encores. Finally, during the last encore a massive white lightning shot through the skies over the stage as if God himself wanted to participate.

1. The transition from pride to streets when the audience sang for almost 2 minutes so loud that the Bono just shook his head and smiled.
2. One, dedicated to the great country of Sweden for leading the world in equality, justice and generosity for giving more than 1% of GDP to foreign aid. He even said We are your humble servants tonight.
3. When the band also gets more triggered by the poring rain and runs around soaked finishing with bono spraying a bottle of champagne over the audience.

All in all an amazing show created by the best band in the world, the best audience in the world, an amazing night and in the fantastic city of events, Gothenburg.

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