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by SFG

What a show!!

I arrived to Gothenburg in hope that I could get a hold of a cheap ticket for the show since I hadn't gotten hold of any tickets. I saw many people waiting in line outside the stadium, waiting for the ticket box office to open where they sold the last tickets available. After waiting there for about an hour and a half, I finally got a hold of a GA-ticket and I went directly to the place where people waited to be let in to the stadium a few hours later. When everyone got let inside, I eventually found my way to the B-stage on Adams side of the stage, where I got an excellent view. I couldn't believe my luck!

When Arcade Fires "Wake Up" started playing, everyone got really crazy and began waving with white flags, t-shirts, balloons, hankerchief, towels etc. and when the band saw this "sea of white", they got really taken and Bono changed some of the lyrics to a few songs because of this.

This was my fourth U2 show and since every tour is different from each other, I can only compare this show to the Vertigo-show I went to see in Berlin. I thought the Berlin show was (just alittle) better, maybe because of the anger everyone felt because of the terrorist bombings in London. But on the other hand, we got a visit from both "Miss Sarajevo" and "Party Girl" on this show, which were two of the many highlights.

I want to say hello to everyone who went to this show who are reading this, and I have to beg the girl who was standing behind me once again for forgivenes because I accidentilly stepped on her toes. I hope everyone had a very good time and I hope we won't have to wait another four years to hear a new album from this Greatest Band of the world. A special thanks to Edge, Adam, Larry and Bono - you guys are the best!

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