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by aw

Just back from the May 10th Chicago show and my thoughts are a little jumbled, but here are my impressions.
Ok, first of all the band sounded great, with Larry, Edge, and Adam esp. having fun and sounding very tight. Bono sounded pretty strong all night long and got all the high notes and was really working and selling the songs well.
What I was struck with was that Bono seemed to be in a little different mood at this show. Maybe it was the filming, or maybe it was the emotions of the political theater of the middle of the show, maybe it was his birthday...I don't know, but he seemed a little irritable in parts of the show, and then very sad in other parts of the show (Sometimes you cant make it). Streets didn't have quite the same oomph to it, but Running to Stand Still seemed very personal. Some personal highlights included Bono singing to a little kid, Bono singing Mysterious Ways to a big dancing lady, and Bono pulling a tall girl up to play guitar on Party Girl. U2 then played "Origin of Species" before gathering together and closing the show by playing "Vertigo" for the second time (??!)in the night. I guess they needed a second version for the DVD. The thing is, it was great hearing it again, and the band had a lot of energy the second time. All the way around there were some very touching moments, and Bono and the boys always show a lot of heart and passion. Clearly these causes mean an awful lot to Bono. But I don't want to see the challenge of these causes like poverty start to bring down Bono and bring down the band. Hey, we want a happy Bono leading the charge!

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