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by Matt McGee

Sometimes you just have a feeling that something special is about to happen, and I kinda had that feeling down on the floor before the show began. The energy and vibe was really great. It just felt good. And when the show started, that extended into the seated sections, too -- the crowd was on its feet for the whole show, and sang the new songs almost as well as the old hits.

Things got really crazy in the second set when Bono brought three sisters on stage during "Mysterious Ways" and they had a blast dancing with him and The Edge, and the whole crowd was losing it. Then that was topped a song later when Bono stopped the band during the beginning of "Sweetest Thing" and said a fan wanted them to do "In God's Country." So they found the fan near the e-stage and brought him up, wherein the guy proceeded to go nuts with joy about being on stage with U2. He was running and jumping around, and even hugged each of the band -- until Larry held up his drum sticks in a cross formation to tell him "no way." It was hysterical. They went on to play a ragged version of the song, but that made it even better -- everyone loved the joy and spontaneity of the moment. The fan kissed each band member's hand before getting escorting off the stage. (Well, he actually kissed Larry's left arm since the next song had already begun.)

That sequence sent this show into the stratosphere and it ended up being one of the top 4-5 U2 shows I've seen. Unforgettable.

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