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by Ole Jakob Loland

I got blown away yesterday! I was at the U2 concert in Oslo (the capitol of Norway) and it was just totally AMAZING, you know! I went from the show with a feeling like: U2 RULES, U2 is the biggest and best rock band in the whole world EVER!!! I don't know what to say, really... It was such a big, BIG musical experience, you know! Bono said this was the best show U2 had done on the whole tour!

I was standing right in front of the big scene and after "One" I could see that Bono was really touched, through the whole concert he had a great contact with the audience, and for the first time on the tour he played "She's a mystery" (cover of Roy Orbinson). "Special for you - from me," he said. It is great to be at a concert where the performers and big rock stars are so touched and shows so much feelings like Bono did yesterday. If you ever get the chance to see PopMart again, USE IT! I saw them last saturday in Gotheborg and they are getting just better and better!

Still in hangover,
Ole Jakob

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