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by Phyllis

Why did I worry?

This was my 22nd show of a 20 year fandom - my 1st Vertigo show - and I have to admit that the reviews of the previous shows on this tour had me worried. Too political, not connecting to the fans, choppy segues. I had talked myself down - hadn't I already seen the best show they'll ever do (10/24/01), how could they and events conspire to ever top that?

I had craptastic seats - I was just going to enjoy the light show. It was going to be okay.

Well, while U2 may never beat that show, Philly 1 was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. From section 203, whose first 5 rows sat down every time anything remotely slow was played, I saw what would have to be one of the best shows of the tour.

The band was on (after a false start with the cue music), the crowd was on (the crowd singing the beginning of a quasi-acoustic Elevation - fantastic!) Hardly anyone left during An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart. Actually, more people left during Bullet...

A Halleluiah Chorus for Running - how come no one had mentioned that??? I was so disappointed that they had dropped the Halleluiah chorus from this tour, but no, there it was, right where it started at the end of Running.

The amazing word-flash during The Fly.

The adorable girls who were brought on the stage during Into the Heart "My name in Paul, but I call myself Bono."

The excited fan pulled from the ellipse at the end of Mysterious Ways.

Larry singing Elevation?

Edge jazzing and bluesing out, completely reinterpreting old standards? He is amazing! AMAZING - and so dang cool!

Why did I doubt? I heard, not recorded, An Cat Dubh for the first time ever. 40 for the first time in 18 years. 18 years!!!

The sound was amazing. The light show amazing. The band, my band, brought me to tears three times (Miracle Drug, Sometimes and One.)

I could not imagine having more fun from outside the ellipse!

I want to thank my sister and best friend Kelly, with whom and the grace of Propaganda/U2 I have managed to see U2 all these years. My friends Renie, Rose, Marisa(who blind lucked it into the heart - you go Marisa!), Dawn, Abbey, Courtney. The people with us in the parking lot, before and after the show. U2 fans are the best people on earth and I had the most excellent time.

God bless the people in the GA line! I'm sooo not looking forward to October! (anyone want to trade my precious GAs for section 114?)

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