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by Corey L

I don't know how they were going to top Elevation tour, but IMO, they did it last night. My ears are still ringing with the music, but i will never complain on how loud a show was...

Before I going into the show, I would like to thank the idiot in Sec 201 that told me to sit down 2-3 times when the rest of teh entire section WAS STANDING THE WHOLE TIME! He probably only even knew 3-4 songs at most...I've bee na fan for over 23 years and I will never sit at a U2 show...nevermind the 100 bucks i had to shell out to be told to sit down. Security had to get involved...situation was resolved. iguess you;ll have that at concerts were the patrons only know a few songs and just don't get it.

THe setlist was pretty standard, but no Stories for Boys in Vertigo...and I didn't mind. COBL is THE best opener...better than LOPOE. The band has worked out whatever kinks were plaguing the first shows of the tour, and Bono was not preachy at all. He referenced Live Aid in Philadelphia 20 years ago, and how that day made U2 what they are today.

My wife and I LOVED Miracle Drug...she's a nurse and I am a scientist so that moved us...the crowd below loved it to.

I think the only think missing from the show was the energy from the crowd...I saw peaks of brilliance, but at other times standing around just watching...dunno why. But they made up for it when 20000 + were singing the chorus to "40".

Can't wait til next Sunday and hopefully more seasoned fans in my section.

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