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by Mrpink

The crowd sucked in my section (209). Filled with old people and young people who acted like they had never heard a U2 song before. Some of these people even started to leave early during 40!

The band did sound great though, i just wish the crowd would've given them the applause they deserved. One of the highlights for me was the edge's short solo at the end of mysterious ways. it was reminiscent of the zoo tv sydney concert. Also, Yahweh was surprisingly breathtaking live.

I think the setlist needs to be reworked. I felt like the songs didnt flow well together. Although it is awesome get three Achtung songs in a row (a highlight for me) I think a lot more could be done if songs like that were mixed in with the new and the old. The set seems too planned out and systematic. E.g. three old (electric co., ah cath bah, into the heart) then 3 new, then 3 classics, then 3 or 2 new ones etc. etc. One of the highlights for me in the past has been to hear how the old songs flow into the new so well. I didnt feel that last night.

Overall it was a great show though. Maybe next time the crowd in philly will wake up and realize how lucky they are to get a u2 ticket.

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