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by StandardNight1

The set was the Standard Night 1 setlist without New Years's Day and Bad. I went with a group of 10 people and almost all of us were dissapointed. The band loses the crowd with the setlist, it is so predictable it is almost as if they are going through the motions. I guess they have to play 4 nights in 1 city to get some variety(Chicago 4). I actually though the sound was great but the setlist lost fans throughout the night. The back of the floor was empty by the end of the concert, people were leaving. Bono comes on the ellipse for a very short period of time and crowd interaction is very limited. This is my 3rd Vertigo and the energy of the crowd during Elevation shows were amazing this tour does not have any of that energy. The political speaches are ridiculous, if I pay $160 don't talk about politics, play music. I understand U2 is very political, but they always had a way to tie it into the music. Now Bono is preaching, very corny. Well, I am glad many enjoyed the show and I will continue to press my luck and see a few more, but stay away from the 1 night standard U2 show. Another reviwer said it perfect, Elevation they were playing to get the job back, this tour is a sellout due to the success of Elevation, not the energy and music of Vertigo.

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