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by bulgarian

Not sure why nobody's commenting the political side of the show. This time wasn't against terror in general. It was not just about hunger and debt-reduction of poor countries.
Bono had his eyes blinded while a U.S. fighter jet was being projected on the screens. Bono's blindfold had the word "COEXIST" spelled using the Muslim ( for the "C", the Jewish star for the "X" and the cross for the "T". A little after that, part of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights was projected on the screens and read by a women's voice.
In between those two episodes he dedicated a song to "the brave American military".....
I guess every individual may have their way of interpreting all this....
It seemed contradicting, thus insincere to me. I think he was kissing arses more than usual.
I did not go to a political gathering after all.

As a side note - their set tonight was less than well done - The crowd fell asleep during big part of the last encore - I think because U2 tried to push (i.e. sell) their new music instead of closing the show the way the crowd wanted it.

Another disappointment - police was just observing "scalpers" selling tickets at an inflated prices while the show was not even sold out (I bought my ticket at 6 PM at the box office). My friends had bought their $100 face value GA ticket for 250 each. What a rip off.

Since I'm being all negative, let me add Ticketmaster in the pot :-) It's a shame what those folks are doing...

I'll just go watch/listen some of the real U2 now.

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