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by Stinky

For those few who have posted already and wewre less then stunned by this last concert, I only have one question .... What f'in show were you watching????

Im not a U2 "geek" fan, but come on guys, that show was TIGHT. Yes, they could have used the elipse more (and Adam DID go around -- I dont know what the previous post was talking about). Yes, Bono's voice was a bit strained. Who cares?

Concerts are about energy and effort. These boys are human and to expect A+ on the basis of YOUR expectations is downright wrong. I didnt hear much of any straining -- how "strained" can you be when you nail "Yahweh" at the END of the night? Pretty sad there are those who study every note of the night and thrown their hands up in the air and proudly proclaim "Bono was strained" becauses he didnt hit a high note in "Vertigo". Get a life and ENJOY the moment!

With that said, my random thoughts .... whomever threw something at Bono at the start of the concert needs to be strung up by his toes and beaten to death with a wet fish (same goes for the idiots throwing rolls of toilet paper; it was U2, not a Skinard concert!)... Adam DID go around the elipse; not sure how people could have missed that one .... WOWY was a welcome surprise; that was one lucky chick, who looked VERY nervous walking around the elipse ... Am I the only one who wanted the Tattoo Boy to stage dive? ... VERY pleased with the set list. I had never heard "40" live before and that was the best ending since ZooTV's "Cant help falling in Love" ... Nice to see hear Zoo Station and The Fly -- the entire upper level was moving ... That curtain light thing was pretty damn cool. From where I was sitting, I had a prefect vantage point.

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