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41 Concerts Attended

I've Heard 118 Songs a total of 873 Times

One heard 37 times.
Bad heard 15 times.
Gone heard 10 times.
Kite heard 8 times.
Mofo heard 6 times.
40 heard 5 times.
MLK heard 5 times.
Miami heard 5 times.
Exit heard 3 times.
Rain heard 1 time.

I've Heard 161 Snippets a total of 429 Times

40 heard 12 times.
Hallelujah (traditional) heard 12 times.
Amazing Grace heard 9 times.
Gloria (Van Morrison) heard 9 times.
Get Up Stand Up heard 8 times.
New York New York heard 8 times.
Playboy Mansion heard 7 times.
Rock 'N' Roll Nigger heard 7 times.
Rock The Casbah heard 7 times.
Stand By Me heard 7 times.
Anthem heard 6 times.
Blackbird heard 6 times.
Love To Love You Baby heard 6 times.
My Mammy heard 6 times.
Ode To Joy heard 6 times.
Sexual Healing heard 6 times.
All You Need Is Love heard 5 times.
Black Dog heard 5 times.
Break On Through heard 5 times.
Creep heard 5 times.
Johnny Was heard 5 times.
Young Americans heard 5 times.
Cuba heard 4 times.
Ol' Man River heard 4 times.
Wild Horses heard 4 times.
1969 heard 3 times.
Burning Down The House heard 3 times.
Discotheque heard 3 times.
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe heard 3 times.
Far Far Away heard 3 times.
In A Little While heard 3 times.
Life During Wartime heard 3 times.
Miami heard 3 times.
My Sweet Lord heard 3 times.
Psycho Killer heard 3 times.
Send In The Clowns heard 3 times.
Space Oddity heard 3 times.
Stories For Boys heard 3 times.
Sunday Bloody Sunday heard 3 times.
The Promised Land heard 3 times.
Torna A Surriento heard 3 times.
Unchained Melody heard 3 times.
You'll Never Walk Alone heard 3 times.
Zooropa heard 3 times.
19 heard 2 times.
Breathe heard 2 times.
Could You Be Loved heard 2 times.
Cry heard 2 times.
Devil Inside heard 2 times.
Elevation heard 2 times.
Here Comes The Sun heard 2 times.
Hold Me Close heard 2 times.
I Can See For Miles heard 2 times.
I Can't Stand The Rain heard 2 times.
I Feel Love heard 2 times.
I Love New York heard 2 times.
In My Life heard 2 times.
Into The Groove heard 2 times.
Invisible heard 2 times.
Jump Around heard 2 times.
King Of Pain heard 2 times.
Landlady heard 2 times.
Love And Peace Or Else heard 2 times.
Many Rivers To Cross heard 2 times.
Mofo heard 2 times.
Mother heard 2 times.
No Regrets heard 2 times.
People Have The Power heard 2 times.
Rock With You heard 2 times.
Rockaway Beach heard 2 times.
Shag Tobacco heard 2 times.
She Loves You heard 2 times.
Staring At The Sun heard 2 times.
The Magnificent Seven heard 2 times.
The Minstrel Boy heard 2 times.
This Is Not America heard 2 times.
Whole Lotta Love heard 2 times.
Words heard 2 times.
Alive heard 1 time.
Amsterdam heard 1 time.
Baba O'Riley heard 1 time.
Barbara Ann heard 1 time.
Black Betty heard 1 time.
Black Hills Of Dakota heard 1 time.
Blue Suede Shoes heard 1 time.
C Moon heard 1 time.
Call Me heard 1 time.
Crazy Love heard 1 time.
Cream heard 1 time.
Dance To The Music heard 1 time.
Deep In The Heart heard 1 time.
Do You Feel Loved heard 1 time.
Drowning Man heard 1 time.
Fool To Cry heard 1 time.
Get On Your Boots heard 1 time.
God Save The Queen heard 1 time.
Happy Birthday heard 1 time.
Heathens heard 1 time.
Hello, Goodbye heard 1 time.
I Remember You heard 1 time.
Instant Karma heard 1 time.
Jungleland heard 1 time.
La Vie En Rose heard 1 time.
Live Forever heard 1 time.
London Calling heard 1 time.
Love And Affection heard 1 time.
Love Me Do heard 1 time.
Miss You heard 1 time.
My Girl heard 1 time.
Night And Day heard 1 time.
Not Fade Away heard 1 time.
Oliver's Army heard 1 time.
Peace On Earth heard 1 time.
Philadelphia Freedom heard 1 time.
Rain heard 1 time.
Rebel Rebel heard 1 time.
Reverend Black Grape heard 1 time.
Ruby Tuesday heard 1 time.
Run heard 1 time.
See Me, Feel Me heard 1 time.
She's A Mystery To Me heard 1 time.
Singin' In The Rain heard 1 time.
The Jean Genie heard 1 time.
Two Tribes heard 1 time.
Vertigo heard 1 time.
Walk On The Wild Side heard 1 time.
War heard 1 time.
Yellow heard 1 time.
Ziggy Stardust heard 1 time.