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6 Concerts Attended

I've Heard 35 Songs a total of 141 Times

Pride heard 6 times.
Bad heard 2 times.
One heard 2 times.
40 heard 1 time.

I've Heard 27 Snippets a total of 62 Times

Anthem heard 5 times.
God Save The Queen heard 3 times.
Love And Peace Or Else heard 3 times.
Moment Of Surrender heard 3 times.
Send In The Clowns heard 3 times.
19 heard 2 times.
I Can See For Miles heard 2 times.
I Remember You heard 2 times.
Invisible heard 2 times.
People Have The Power heard 2 times.
Young Americans heard 2 times.
1969 heard 1 time.
Gens Du Pays heard 1 time.
Into The Mystic heard 1 time.
La Vie En Rose heard 1 time.
Love Me Do heard 1 time.
Mofo heard 1 time.
Transmission heard 1 time.
Wonderwall heard 1 time.
Ziggy Stardust heard 1 time.