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U2 Tour: 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

U2 performed 34 times during the 11 O'Clock Tick Tock tour. Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of 97 songs.

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Special thanks go to Pimm Jal de la Parra, Caroline van Oosten de Boer and Matt McGee for the inspiration to take it further.

Date Location
11 O'Clock Tick Tock
May 09, 1980 Galway, Ireland at Seapoint Ballroom
May 10, 1980 Ballina, Ireland at Town Hall Theatre
May 11, 1980 Tullamore, Ireland at Garden Of Eden
May 12, 1980 Sligo, Ireland at Blue Lagoon
May 14, 1980 Waterford, Ireland at Showboat
May 16, 1980 Tralee, Ireland at St. John's Parish Hall
May 17, 1980 Cork, Ireland at Downtown Kampus
May 22, 1980 London, England at Hope & Anchor
May 23, 1980 London, England at Moonlight Club
May 24, 1980 Sheffield, England at University
May 26, 1980 Brighton, England at New Regent
May 27, 1980 Covent Garden, England at Rock Garden
May 28, 1980 Bristol, England at Trinity Hall
May 29, 1980 Birmingham, England at Cedar Club
May 30, 1980 London, England at Nashville Rooms
May 31, 1980 Manchester, England at Polytechnic
Jun 02, 1980 Nuneaton, England at 77 Club
Jun 03, 1980 Nottingham, England at Boat Club
Jun 04, 1980 Manchester, England at Beach Club
Jun 05, 1980 Leeds, England at Brannigans
Jun 06, 1980 Dudley, England at JB's Dudley
Jun 07, 1980 London, England at Half Moon Club
Jun 14, 1980 Dublin, Ireland at Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds
Jun 28, 1980 Clondalkin, Ireland at Wheatfield
Jul 10, 1980 London, England at Clarendon Hotel
Jul 11, 1980 London, England at Half Moon Club
Jul 12, 1980 London, England at Moonlight Club
Jul 13, 1980 London, England at Marquee Club
Jul 21, 1980 Dublin, Ireland at Project Arts Centre
Jul 27, 1980 Leixlip, Ireland at Leixlip Castle
Jul 28, 1980 Dublin, Ireland at Dalymount Park
Aug 15, 1980 Wexford, Ireland at Theatre Hall
Aug 16, 1980 Carnsore, Ireland at Unknown
Aug 17, 1980 Carnsore, Ireland at Unknown
11 O'Clock Tick Tock