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26 Concerts Attended

I've Heard 68 Songs a total of 603 Times

One heard 21 times.
Bad heard 9 times.
Exit heard 5 times.
40 heard 2 times.

I've Heard 73 Snippets a total of 259 Times

Ode To Joy heard 14 times.
Zooropa heard 12 times.
Words heard 11 times.
Burning Down The House heard 10 times.
Invisible heard 10 times.
Love And Peace Or Else heard 10 times.
Mother And Child Reunion heard 10 times.
19 heard 9 times.
Gloria (Van Morrison) heard 9 times.
Mother heard 7 times.
This Is Not America heard 6 times.
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe heard 5 times.
Hold Me Close heard 5 times.
Breathe heard 4 times.
Into The Mystic heard 4 times.
Rebel Rebel heard 4 times.
Sympathy For The Devil heard 4 times.
The Hall Of Mirrors heard 4 times.
The Magnificent Seven heard 4 times.
Break On Through heard 3 times.
Fashion heard 3 times.
Gloria (Patti Smith) heard 3 times.
God Save The Queen heard 3 times.
I Can See For Miles heard 3 times.
I Remember You heard 3 times.
Live Forever heard 3 times.
Love Me Do heard 3 times.
Many Rivers To Cross heard 3 times.
Send In The Clowns heard 3 times.
The Jean Genie heard 3 times.
Women Of The World heard 3 times.
1969 heard 2 times.
Black Dog heard 2 times.
Blackbird heard 2 times.
Heroes heard 2 times.
Landlady heard 2 times.
Let It Rain heard 2 times.
Ne Me Quitte Pas heard 2 times.
Starman heard 2 times.
Vertigo heard 2 times.
Where Are We Now heard 2 times.
40 heard 1 time.
Alabama Song heard 1 time.
All You Need Is Love heard 1 time.
Amsterdam heard 1 time.
Burning Love heard 1 time.
Clair heard 1 time.
Get On Your Boots heard 1 time.
Ghost Dance heard 1 time.
In The Garden heard 1 time.
La Bamba heard 1 time.
London Calling heard 1 time.
Miami heard 1 time.
Moondance heard 1 time.
People Have The Power heard 1 time.
She Loves You heard 1 time.
Singin' In The Rain heard 1 time.
Stand By Me heard 1 time.
Yellow heard 1 time.
Young Americans heard 1 time.