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U2 Concert:
Nov 18, 2015 at Belfast

Tour: Innocence + Experience Tour 2nd Leg (Europe) 
Venue: SSE Arena 
Location: BelfastNorthern Ireland 

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Attendance: 9,461  (Capacity: 9,461)

Releases Represented:

  1. Songs Of Innocence had 6 songs
  2. Achtung Baby had 4 songs
  3. The Joshua Tree had 3 songs
  4. All That You Can't Leave Behind had 2 songs
  5. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb had 2 songs
  6. Boy had 2 songs
  7. Non-Album Singles had 2 songs
  8. The Unforgettable Fire had 1 songs
  9. October had 1 songs
  10. War had 1 songs

Comments: U2 plays its first show in Belfast since 1998, and also its first show since the recent terrorist attacks in Paris forced the cancellation of two shows last weekend.

Tonight's show is filled with references to the recent atrocities. Bono changes some lyrics during the show, and also changes some of the regular spoken bits he's been doing. In his talk at the end of "Bullet The Blue Sky" where Bono normally says -- in the voice of a refugee -- "I'm in danger! I'm not dangerous!," tonight he says "Who's in danger? Who's dangerous?," likely a reference to news reports that at least one of the terrorists involved in the Paris attack traveled to France while masquerading as refugees. (As of this writing, those news reports are now in question and it's unclear if any of the terrorists reached France after pretending to be refugees.) As Bono sings a snippet of "Zooropa," he answers his own "What do you want?" question, by saying "A place called home, where we refuse to hate because we know love will do a better job!"

The traditional Stephen Hawking video that introduces the encore has a new image of the Paris/Eiffel Tower symbol above the fan-created #StrongerThanFear hashtag, as the entire arena is lit up in the colors of the French flag. Bono shouts "Viva la France!" during "City Of Blinding Lights," a song at least partially inspired by Paris.

There are new visuals during "Raised By Wolves" reflecting the history of the Troubles in Ireland -- not just the Dublin bombing of 1974 that the song references.

Tags: Shine Like Stars

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