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U2 Concert:
Feb 27, 1998 at Sydney

Tour: PopMart 4th Leg (Rest of World) 
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium 
Location: SydneyAustralia 

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Attendance: 37,976  (Capacity: 37,976)

Opening Act(s):

Releases Represented:

  1. Pop had 7 songs
  2. The Joshua Tree had 4 songs
  3. Achtung Baby had 4 songs
  4. The Unforgettable Fire had 3 songs
  5. War had 2 songs
  6. Boy had 1 songs
  7. Rattle And Hum had 1 songs
  8. Non-Album Singles had 1 songs


Notable attendees for U2's last Australian show of the PopMart tour include Helena Christensen, Keanu Reeves, Samuel L. Jackson along with members of INXS, Savage Garden and Midnight Oil.


Tags: Hear Us Coming, Lord

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